The Antecon Group is a family-run business that can combine the tradition of yesteryear with the innovation of today.

Within the four production bases, the watchword is always and only one: quality.

In fact, we use certified and patented raw materials that allow us to maintain high production standards while responding to every market demand. Our high-carbon steel according to European standard EN 10270-I offers long-lasting performance that exceeds market standards, while the adhesives and fabrics we use to cover each spring wink at recycling and the circular economy.

We compare ourselves with the best suppliers in Europe in order to be able to offer a "tailor-made" product for each of our customers, each spring for us at Antecon Group is like a tailor-made suit sewn by listening to your every request.

In fact, the individual springs are subjected to periodic load tests that allow the bearing capacity within the spring assembly itself to be varied. These tests also offer the assurance that the mattress that will contain the springs will maintain the same bearing capacity over the years, offering an excellent sleeping experience to the end consumer.

Quality for us at Antecon Group does not stop at the product itself, but also concerns the production processes in the company and customer service. In fact, we have been UNI EN ISO9001 certified for years, so our customers can be sure that the products we offer follow traceable and verifiable production phases. Once the springs reach our customers, we also offer the possibility to advise them in the choices that lead to the construction of the finished product according to the specific characteristics of each spring.

Thanks to this precision in details, "Antecon" springing turns out to be unique in the market; quality, research of well-performing raw materials and customization of each product are the ideal basis for being able to present quality final products.

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