This new product can change the way of producing the mattresses, the toppers and also sofas.

Cover and Cover HD are part of the new generation of the pocket born from an exclusively productive technology that allows to produce small and low springs for beds and mattresses.  The main advantages are the comfort, the aeration, the high number of the springs per measure and an incredible flexibility. the long-lasting and recyclable product, as well as all other springs, finally allow a unique variety of structures different in firmness and density.

The combination of springs creates many “comfort levels” and a special elastic system  brings out the flexibility, both vertically and horizontally of the Cover and Cover HD.


The particular structure of the semifinished product allows a three-dimensional that perfectly follows the body shape.

Best Pressure

pr-ott The high number of the micropockets help in distributing the weight and this avoids the shaping of the pressure points.


Nothing is more breathable that the air itself that can freely circle inside the mattress, helped by particular canals that distribute the air flow everywhere.